Sermons from January 2015

What Happened on the Cross

WHAT HAPPENED ON THE CROSS THAT GLORIFIED THE SON AND THE FATHER? John 13:31-35   His death paid the supreme price Romans 5:8     His death secured perfect righteousness II Corinthians 5:21           His life and death were in perfect obedience John 17:1, 4   YOU NEED FRIENDS TO ACCOMPLISH…

Triumphal Entry

THE TRIUMPHAL ENTRY John 12:12-19 The Nation of Israel was anticipating their Coming King Conqueror Provider Savior Public Presentation of Jesus TO His People Israel Public Worship of Jesus BY His People Israel Everything being done was outwardly right Everything being done was scriptural Colt – Zechariah 9:9 Songs – Psalm 118: 25-26 Everything being…

What Is Worship?

WHAT IS WORSHIP? John 12:1-7, Matthew 26:1-6, Mark 14:3-9 Worship is the expression of my response to an encounter with God. Mary’s worship Freedom to express adoration “We love Him because He first loved us.” I John 4:19 Freedom to show humility Freedom to give sacrificially Sincere worship -Pleases the Lord -Affects others -Blesses us

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