Hurricane Harvey Relief

Below is a list of items that are the current week’s needs for those affected and/or displaced by Hurricane Harvey.

Any type of HB meat, link sausage, or chicken is also appreciated. We are baking cookies and cakes, if anyone would like to send baked goods to go with the hot meals.

– Bread
– Saltine Crakers
– Ritz Crackers
– Pouch tuna or salmon
– Can chicken (used to make casseroles for hot meals)
– Large Can Vegetables for preparing hot meals (corn, green beans, pork & beans)
– Dried Beans and Rice
– Fruit cups, sugar free
– Baby food
– Sugar free juice for children (the small box type are the best)
– Children’s snack food, low sugar content
– Jello cups (non refrigerated)
– Pudding cups (non refrigerated)
– Sugar free snack foods for diabetics
– Hormel & Dinty Moore Microwaveable dinners
– Microwaveable foods (non-refrigerated)
– Regular size Creamy Peanut butter
– Regular size Jelly or Jam
– Water

– Shampoo
– Deordorant (mens & womens)
– Shaving Cream
– Razors
– First Aid supplies
– Toothpaste & toothbrushes